The Nerdiest Farewell Letter Ever Written [Infographic]

In advertising, many of the farewell emails are truly outstanding. I’m not talking about the bridge burning rampages or casually witty one-liners that come after the “honor to work with such a talented group of people” part. Those are table stakes. I’m referring to the knockout email, where one unnamed co-worked felt he should repackage the farewell email from a recently departed president. He decided to remove strikeout the irrelevant parts, update it with his own witty commentary, and send away to his unsuspecting audience. It was perfect.

A farewell from a different co-worker was published on Business Insider which and was said to be the perfect exit email.

Maybe it’s the creative nature of the people that work at agencies, or maybe it’s the fear of letting your friends down, but for one reason or another, the farewell email is something people think about for days and reread over and over before hitting send for the last time.

I felt I had a pretty good story to tell when I left Arnold Worldwide. During my tenure I spent time in two different office in two very different locations (Boston & NYC) which had very different clients, atmosphere, and people. It was the perfect opportunity to build a line chart.


Steve Viglione - Farewell Infographic


The Full Email

“In my three years at Arnold I’ve had a lot of great experiences. I worked with some of the most talented people in the industry, got yelled via Facebook by a vending machine for not drinking at 9AM, survived an earthquake, and even made a few good friends.

Above all, I learned that we are all passionate storytellers. Some of us tell stories through art, some tell stories through writing, and others, like myself, tell stories through data. I find it amazing that we can communicate these stories through the work we do – a TV ad, website, or a simple banner can contain complex stories of a brand, product, or culture. With that, I give you my final graph at Arnold – which tells the story of my journey entering the advertising industry, working in Boston, moving to the NY office, and even the reason I accepted a position with JWT. Each line, data point, and shift tells a different story I think you can relate to.”

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