Tough Professions: Unhappy, Suicidal, and Alcoholic Jobs

No job is easy, but the charts below showcase three sets of jobs that over index for suicide rates, alcoholism and unhappiness. There isn’t a whole lot of cross over between professions. With the exceptions of bar tending *alcoholism*, not many professions found themselves on multiple lists.

Jobs with high suicide rates

The professions included on this list tend to be higher income and education. Among the list includes engineers, doctors, finance executives, and lawyers. As a data guy, I’d be interested in learning about the leading reason for suicides among these professions. Is it the stress of the job, financial problems, family trouble, or something else completely unrelated to the profession altogether. Source.

Jobs with the highest suicide rates

Jobs with the highest suicide rates

Jobs with high degrees of alcoholism

Since I work in the industry, I’m not surprised to see advertisers representing the only “office job” on the list. That said, the liquid lunch doesn’t seem as popular as it is on Mad Men. Now that I think about it, the reasons for drinking in advertising are probably very different than the 60’s. Source.

Professions more likely than averge to die from alcoholism

Professions more likely than averge to die from alcoholism

Unhappiest Jobs in America

Many of the jobs on this list are in retail or the restaurant industry. Bartenders, appearing for the second time find themselves among the most unhappy and most likely to die of alcoholism. Source.

Top 10 Unhappiest Jobs In America

Top 10 Unhappiest Jobs In America

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  1. Anon says:

    What about teachers? Specifically special education teachers. This is a dreadful, soul-sucking, unrewarding, dangerous, drug and alcohol-ridden profession. Most SPED teachers I know I have debilitating illness that f*ck them up beyond all recognition. We need to do something better for these selfless, heartfelt, and loving, and downtrodden professionals. SPED teachers and registered nurses truly are the SPINE of our society. Let’s start treating these people BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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