Interactive Guide to Top Careers with Big Growth & Great Pay

Choosing a career is kind of a big deal. People (like me) spend decades trying to figure out which profession suits them best. I planned on being a football player at 8, police officer at 13, and a lawyer in my first college semester. Okay, maybe we all did that – bad example – but not everyone has an easy time picking a career. Thankfully, for you, I created an interactive chart to make choosing a top profession easy. This interactive guide is useful for college students looking to select majors, recent grads looking to start a career, and those looking to pursue a new profession.

The Career Guide was created using data from a CNN article titled, “Best Jobs in America”. The article is fantastic, but I found it challenging to compare professions across industries. The Career Guide below will help you search through jobs that match your interests and the qualities you value most in a job (i.e., pay, satisfaction, stress, benefit to society).

Tips for using the Interactive Guide:

  • Bubble size represents median pay (bigger bubbles = greater pay)
  • Hover to see details about each profession
  • Use the filters at the top to reduce the number of professions
  • Satisfaction, low stress, and benefit to society are based on a grade scale (A=best)
  • The y-axis represents total jobs and the x-axis represents 10-year growth. The bottom right quadrant represents emerging job markets and the top right quadrant represents established job markets with high growth potential.

The data used was sourced from, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and CNNMoney research. You can visit the complete article and list of detailed professions if you need more info. I am not affiliated with any of these organizations. I’m just a massive nerd with an extraordinarily boring pastime. Have a blast and please leave a comment!

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2 Responses

  1. Jeff Prior says:

    Steve, this is a great interactive tool ! I’ve seen it used used for market investment analysis but user inactive is glutch. Definitely a great tool for career path guidance

  2. Thanks, Jeff. Appreciate the comments.

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