Prevalence of Lifetime Asthma by State [Map]

A friend, the same one who designed the logo of the site, asked if I could show asthma suffers in areas with high pollution. The task at hand sounded simple. I hunted down a few databases, but unfortunately the story we were looking for wasn’t there. I was hoping to show that states with higher pollution also have higher incidences of asthma. Unfortunately, none of the databases I found illustrated this. It’s not to say it is (or is not) true – it just wasn’t there in the data I had available. It might be something that can be seen at a county or city level, but I couldn’t find asthma data at that detail. Even if I could illustrate this, lots of analysis would be necessary to understand the link, if any, between pollution and asthma. I’m also going to go out on a limb and say there are other studies that explain the relationship. No big deal. Instead, I’ll share a much simpler map that I think is interesting.

The biggest questions in my mind are which factors are most likely contributing to the higher lifetime asthma in certain locations. Environmental factors? Genetic factors? Life choices?

Prevalence of Lifetime Asthma - Percentage of Population With Asthma

Prevalence of Lifetime Asthma – Percentage of Population With Asthma

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