Super Bowl 2015: Who Has The Best Fans?

Who has the greatest fans this Superbowl? I took to Twitter to get the answer. In honor of America’s greatest event, I give you the 2015 Super Bowl Fan Superlatives. Over 12K tweets were collected over the past week about Patriots and Seahawks fans. The tweets were analyzed so the world could see what people think of the fans. The results? Absolutely hilarious.

It turns out, very few had anything nice to say. Out of all the posts about Patriots fans, 97% were negative. Seattle 94% negative. In fact, not only are there a lot of negative comments, but they are brutal. According to Twitter, there are a lot of butt-hurt, cheating, scummy Patriots fans and just as many obnoxious, salty, fair-weather Seahawks fans.

The Results

Seattle fans win!

In the analysis, 22% called Patriots fans “the worst” while only 7% called Seahawks fans the worst. On the flip side, 7% called the Patriots fan”the best” but a whopping 18% called Seahawks fans “the best”.

Head To Head: Patriots vs. Seahawks Fans

The chart below shows the different categories of things people were saying. I simplified them. For example, someone may have called a fan a “moron” or “batshit” which would have ended up in the respective Dumb and Crazy categories. Yes, both of those are real examples (see below for more quotes).


What People Say About Patriots and Seahawks Fan

What People Say About Patriots and Seahawks Fan

New England Patriots Fans

Full disclaimer, I spent a lot of time living in Boston and only a few of my friends are like this. Then again, I’ve seen my fair share of bad Patriot tattoos and painful sports debates. If you’re a Patriots fan, turn back now.

What People Say About Patriots Fans

What People Say About Patriots Fans

Seattle Seahawks Fans

If you’re a Seahawks Fan, now is your time to look away.

What People Say About Seahawks Fans

What People Say About Seahawks Fans

Pats or Seahawks Fan? Here’s a Gift!

This probably wasn’t an easy ready for you. To show you how much I appreciate your time, I put together a second article that only shows the opposing teams results, complete with quotes from Twitter. If you want to support your team and share, please use the links below!

Link for Pats Fans: What The World Says About Seahawks Fans
Link for Seattle Fans: What The World Says About Patriots Fans

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