The Ultimate Movie Selector [Interactive Tool]

I only like horror movies from the 80’s, but those movies are hard to find within IMDB’s list of 250 highest rated movies. So instead of searching through a boring list, I created an interactive tool that will help people sort, filter, and navigate the list of best movies based on multiple criteria. Anyway, after all that work I found out 80’s horror films are hard to find because there actually are no good horror movies from the 80’s.

The good news is all the movies in the Ultimate Movie Selector are part of the IMDB Top 250. Meaning, even if you select a movie at random, chances are it will be good.

How To Interpret The Bubble Charts:

  • Upper right quadrant – above average by both critics and people.
  • Upper left quadrant – above average by critics, but not by people.
  • Bottom right quadrant – above average by people, but not by critics.
  • Bottom left – below average by critics and people.

Helpful Tips

  1. Best experience will be with a desktop/tablet
  2. Use the filters to select specific movie genres, decades, or specific years
  3. Use the legend to highlight data within multiple charts
  4. Click on charts and data points to use them as filters
  5. Hover over data points to see details

Movie Selector Info

Category/Genre Options

  • Action – Adventure
  • Action – Thriller
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Drama – Adventure
  • Drama – Crime
  • Drama – History
  • Drama – Romance
  • Drama – Sport
  • Drama – Thriller
  • Drama – War
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Western


Creating the database was a bit time consuming, but pulled the list of 250 top movies from IMDB, then appended genres and critic scores from Metacritic.

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