What The World Says About Patriots Fans

I took to Twitter to get the answer. In honor of America’s greatest event, I give you the 2015 Super Bowl Fan Analysis. Over 12K tweets about Patriots and Seahawks fans were collected over the past week. The tweets were analyzed so the world could see what people are saying. In all fairness, I didn’t expect the analysis to turn out as it did. Not only are there a lot of negative comments, but they are brutal. According to Twitter, there are a lots of butt-hurt, cheating, scummy Patriots fans.


Patriots Fans

What People Say About Patriots Fans

What People Say About Patriots Fans

Quotes From Twitter

Names, twitter handles and references to identities have been removed so nobody knows who these terrible people are.

The Worst

Patriots fans are the worst type of people

Pats fans are the worst fans..most are bandwagon or got another “favorite” team

Patriots fans are the worst type of human beings

#Patriots fans are the WORST!!!


How long till an article comes out about how Pats fans should feel dirty for supporting their team? #HotTakes

Patriots cheated and nobody is shocked…fell good about that pats fans be proud #DeflateGate #perinialcheaters

Patriot fans are morons trying to Defend the fact they got caught cheating #idiots


Lol @Patriots fans that say it’s okay to cheat as long as you win. #stfu #Scumbags

most pats fans are full of trash and dont know what there talking about thats why there is no team i hate more


Pats fans are so fucking butt hurt right now. Stop crying and deal with it.

Pats fans are sooooo butthurt right now lol

The patriots cheated end of story all you pats fans can complain and bitch all you want that’s all you guys ever do great reputation


It is my belief that Patriots fans are the most defensive fans in the world. #deflategate #billbelichekthescienceguy

For some reason Patriots fans are overly defensive in a bad way just comes across as obnoxious

So I see Pats fans are salty right now cause there labeled as cheaters lol why u mad speaking truth

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