What The World Says About Seahawks Fans

I took to Twitter to get the answer. In honor of America’s greatest event, I give you the 2015 Super Bowl Fan Analysis. Over 12K tweets about Seahawks fans were collected over the past week. The tweets were analyzed so the world could see what people are saying. To be completely honest, I didn’t expect the analysis to turn out the way it did. Not only are there a lot of negative comments, but they are brutal. According to Twitter, there are a lot of obnoxious, salty, fair-weather Seahawks fans.


Seahawks Fans

What People Say About Seahawks Fans

What People Say About Seahawks Fans

Quotes From Twitter

Names, twitter handles and references to identities have been removed so nobody knows who these terrible people are.


All of the fake @Seahawks fans are out in full force. Yall were nowhere to be found 5 years ago. #fake #fairwhether

As much as I dislike Belichick & Brady’s cry baby ways, bandwagon Seahawks fans are The Worst. And I cannot see Cap wave a 12th man flag no.

@Seahawks fans are the new @MiamiHEAT fans. #bandwagon

Seahawks fans are so fake, I bet 80% of you “fans” don’t even know who Curt Warner or Kenny Easley are. #FakeFanBase #WhereWereYallInThe90s?

The Best / Die-Hard

Seattle fans are the loudest (and best) fans… During the games they cheer so loud it’s detected as an earthquake. #12thman

@Seahawks fans are truly the best. #12s have brought Seattle even closer together as a community. Can’t wait @SuperBowl #SeahawksSendoff

Assholes / Arrogant

Seahawk fans are the biggest jackasses on earth

Dear WWE, Can yall have Daniel Bryan lose in the royal rumble since the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl? Seahawks fans are arrogant.

Big deal. Most NFL stadiums usually sell out. Seahawk fans are still the most ignorant, classless, and arrogant fans in the NFL

Annoying / Obnoxious

I know I live in Seattle but damn you Seahawks fans are irritating.

why watch it when your team was suppose to be there, Seahawks fans are annoying as hell, & you hate Tom Brady, no point

I’m rooting for the #Patriots in the #SuperBowl because #Seahawks fans are annoying and clearly fair weather for leaving a game early.

Dumb / Stupid

Seattle fans are dumb, trying to trademark the number 12….gooooooood luck with that

How dumb can Seahawks fans be!? I don’t care how much they’re down it’s the NFC championship you don’t leave early. Proved them wrong.

I am starting to really dislike Seahawks fans. Are there any that made it past 8th grade?


Seahawks fans are worst that 12th Man is a bunch of bullshit

New Hampshire Seahawks fans are the worst kind of people, motherfuckers are legit on the other side of the country

Seahawks fans are literally the worst

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